Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Look Forward Playing in Argentina (Bon Jovi interview)

Bebe Contepomi traveled to the United States to interview Bon Jovi, exclusively for Telenoche. The Argentine fans are eager to see them live in our country. "We are eager to play in Argentina. Long time no go, well I'm happy to be back. We are eager to go. Yes, I remember the pitch. And also, buying works of art. I liked, "he told Jon Bon Jovi, lead singer of the band.

 For his part, guitarist Richie Sambora recalled his last visit to the country. "We bought many works of art. We ate good food and we all agreed on the court. Buy works of art ... It is a great city, very bohemian. "

The American group shows are very good at putting on stage. "There were two shows alike. The scenarios ... It is a good production and the songs change every concert and never know which ones are going to do. Never know, I do not even think. Everyone knows the reputation of the band: full of hits shows long and we guarantee they'll go well. "

On the musical style that Bon Jovi development in recent years, the singer said that "we were very prolific in the last decade. We made five records and now, the Greatest Hits. I think every day is an opportunity to write a song. Only you have to open your eyes a little and pay attention to what you're listening. Every day is a reminder of how we see it, and there is always something to say and do. "The circle" was a vision of what was happening in the world and write about it. The Greatest Hits is a celebration and the songs are more for partying. They are more about life and love, rather than on current problems as in "The Circle". Every day there are opportunities to write. "

The validity of the band is no secret. "The great secret is to keep being yourself. Do not try to follow fashion. Writing songs, be who you are as an artist. Some will like and others not, some like a disk, and another not. Also, the constant search for evolution. Jon and I want to keep evolving and learning, still do. I think that's one reason why we stayed together. Not only had a good, if not there is a quest to keep learning and evolving. If there were such a search would not be fun ", said the guitarist.

 It only remains to wait for the group to Argentina and the possibility of seeing them live on Oct. 3 at River.