Saturday, July 31, 2010

More From Chicago

Coming Soon -Paradise Lost

A Brand New Fiction written by Angela and Myself. The setting is between SSW and NJ era and the main focus is Jon and Richie.

The premise is What happens when two fairly wealthy girls meet two Rock stars in Paradise and the girls not having a clue who these men are and the craziness that follows.

Hope you're in for a wild and crazy ride in Paradise. !

Blog is setup chapter's coming soon , (run mouse over below)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Ugly~My Latest Endeavor

Ok I know the name has you wondering what in the world is this girl on about now , Well this is my latest writing endeavor. It is one that has been that I have been toying around for years and finally decided to go for it.

Its about a non-perfect girl who has been dealt a bad hand but learns to cope with the help of good friends and a love of a man I really hope you enjoy it !

Ugly(run mouse over underneath Ugly, link will appear)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Is Our House -Better View and Video Shoot in Regina

Jovi Sisterhood

We have all talked about the Brotherhood and how close our boys are well let me tell you the Jovi Sisterhood is just as tight ! Girls, Women who stick by you through thick and thin. good times and in bad. When I started Jovination going on 3 years ago I never dreamed of how much this was true. I have made such good friends thanks to Bon Jovi. But never in my wildest dreams did I realize just how tight this Sisterhood was until I went to visit my best friend and co-founder of Jovination Angela .

Let me explain due to some issues in my life , I had been unable to afford to go to any Jovi shows, I lost hope and figured I would go about living thru vicariously thru all the others going . Until one day a special girl she knows who she is called me up asking me if I had a way to Ohio would I go to Jovi if there was tickets , at first I was unsure because I hadn't any money so what was the point. She told me she knew of someone that had tickets and that I could if I wanted to pay her back little by little well I was going to say no simply because I had no clue if I could pay her back or not and I didn't want it to ruin our friendship.

So a few days later she called back saying her and the girl did an even trade now if I could get to Ohio it would be all set. So I got in touch with Angela and she said yes so it was all set . All the while thinking we were going to be in lawn seats Once in Ohio we waited for the tickets to arrive and when they did on Friday morning , let me tell you I have never been so shocked in my life.

They came with a card with a note in it to this day brings tears to my eyes , but to say the tickets weren't lawn they were 14th row from the stage. I never had anyone do something so kind for me ever ! Thanks to a Band we love so much we became the Jovi Sisterhood, I just hope one day I can pay it forward to all that was involved and any other Sister in need !

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those involved , This isn't much just a simple shout out to you and the Jovi Sisterhood, may we all stay strong and close as our boys have for 20 plus yrs !!

Hello from Guttterland ! Jovination Happenings!

Wow! I just realized it has been since March since I last blogged. Talk about a slacker well guess thats me lol. What's been happening for the past three months , well I for one have been a busy beaver.

Between following the Circle Tour from its inception , doing pbp's for twitter , keeping up with our forum . We now have a website

A facebook page

To go with our official Twitter page

and our myspace

We have a nice little social network thanks to everyone involved --Without you or the boys we wouldn't exist!