Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yes! My Two Favorite Past Times Together -Bon Jovi and Football!

Jovi Becky's Contest Giveaway

To win it, all you gotta do is spread the word about Jovi Bits. That's it! There are two ways you can do so:

1) Copy and paste the code for the image below - then paste it on your website or social networking profile for readers to link to my blog.
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Once you've linked to my blog, make sure to tell your readers to comment on this post (the URL and codes will link to this post directly). They must include your name in the comment (to tell me who referred them), and become a follower of Jovi Bits.

Whoever gets the most referrals (who follow those steps!) will win the prize! It's that simple!

The contest will end Friday, August 20th, so round up as many of your Jovi friends and potential readers as you can! :)

or this link

Don't forget to mention who referred you and follow Jovi Bits , pass the word along 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This Just Pisses Me Off

Don't get me wrong I love the band Europe , but can't stand their forum . This is one reason why ? They are always bashing Bon Jovi on there no matter what album its been as of late.  This is one of many reasons I don't go on much anymore.  But a friend pointed this out to me and of course I was curious and had to see what they were saying now.

I know everyone has a right to their own opinion but it seems according to these fans if you like Bon  Jovi as well you're an outcast and don't get me started on some of the other stuff these members feel about if you want to know dm me .

But you don't see me going and bashing Europe around on my sites , no I in fact love them not as much as Bon Jovi but I do love their music. Though they won't  come to America again but thats another topic for another day .

Thanks for letting me rant , I so wanted to sign in and say something but I'm a better person than that

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday updates - 8/4/10

Beta reader needed -if anyone is interested please either dm me at @JNFanfiction , on here or at the fb page -!/pages/JNFanFiction-Spotlight-and-Updates/140095306021428

If you are good with English (punctuation etc) and be available when needed .

Also to the authors if you are need of a Beta Reader , please contact me as well .

Chapter 3 of Paradise is now posted on blog and forum , Both links are listed below

Chapter 3 of Ugly is now posted as well

Also Questions needed for the Question of the Day on @JNFanFiction , so fire them away and I will tweet them as I receive them

Reminder First Bon Jovi Movie Night is tonight

Don't forget tonight at 7pm eastern standard time is the first of Bon Jovi Movie Nights- Tonight's move is Bon Jovi Live From London check it out tonight!

Thank you Bon Jovi for making the long 6 weeks enjoyable

Monday, August 2, 2010

JNFanFiction Twitter Page

Ok due to the response I received I made an official JNFanfiction Twitter page- This is where all the updates on your fave FF's will be tweeted.

I Need Your Opinion On An Idea I have

Since the boys are on tour , been racking my brain what to do to pass the time, Yea, Yea I know Write well thats in the works now but what I have in mind fits in with the Writing.

I was thinking since I wince every time I post an update with a link , that since they are following I am afraid they will stumble across it

So I thought about maybe making a Twitter page for FF updates , therefore anyone can post their updates there as well without worry of being outed . Also the Jovination Twitter Page won't get bogged down with updates

Please let me know your thoughts on this ?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Vacation Time-What's a Jovi Fan to Do?

Now that the boys have finished the latest leg of The Circle and are now on an almost 2 month break . What is the Jovi fan to do with their time ? Here is my sort of to do list to pass the time .

1. Catch up on reading
2 Watch YT (NonJovi --ok thats a stretch)
3 Actually get out of the house (kidding I do leave once and awhile)
4 Listen to Other music besides Jovi (There is other music? )
5. Catch up on sleep because once they head to Japan and Australia I'm gonna need it.

That's just a few things on my to do list , What's yours ?